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IRIS CRISTAL is a Spanish company specialised in the production of Bohemia crystal chandeliers. In our catalogue, we offer to our customers a huge range of chandeliers in classic, contemporary and colour chandeliers in crystal.
IRIS是一家西班牙公司, 主要專攻於"波西米亞"式的水晶吊燈. 目錄裡, 提供給客戶各式各樣經典、當代 、色彩豐富的水晶吊燈。

The company was established more than 30 years ago in Spain and nowadays we also have our own factory located in the Czech Republic, what allows us to develop new designs every six months in order to adapt our products to the high requirements of our clients.
公司三十年前在西班牙成立, 目前在捷克並有設立工廠, 每六個月就可開發替換新產品, 以隨時因應客戶的需求。

IRIS CRISTAL chandeliers provide an infinite emotional value. The new collections are a perfect blend of inspiration, creativity and tradition. Only in the heart of Bohemia can this unique experience of crystal come true.
IRIS 的吊燈提供無限的情感價值, 新系列產品溶合了靈感、創新兼具傳統, 唯有波西米亞為情感核心才能創造出獨一無二的原創, 讓水晶的美感經驗成真。

IRIS CRISTAL has a special custom projects department created for professional architects and designers in the contract market.
IRIS 另外設有一客製化的部門, 專門替建築師與設計師訂做客製化產品。